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It was roughly fifteen years ago when we first broke ground at our orphan care center in Malawi. It’s located in a small village about an hour outside of Blantyre and at the time there was no electricity anywhere near the facility. We had to design the pump for the well, as well as everything else, to be operated by a generator. The generator has had it’s place but we are grateful that electricity is now coming to our area of the world!

We have a saying we often use which is, “This is Africa!” Things are just different in Africa. The construction of the buildings is different, the wildlife is different and the pests (termites) are different. Which brings me to the whole point of this update, we need to do some serious renovations! Fifteen years in the African sun, winds, rain and everything else has taken its toll and now it’s time to do some repairs and renovations.

This year has brought two tropical storms back to back which have removed some of the roof in places and has eroded the brick security wall in areas. The water tank which is imperative to our operations needs to be replaced as well. We will also be adding a new administrative building where our director will both work and live on site for added security. We currently have a large area for our gardens but we would like to add a separate playground area for playground equipment as well as a place to play soccer and other games.

I believe God led us to the location of this property because the land that we purchased is adjacent to the local elementary school which not only makes it convenient for our children to come and go but also allows other children to visit, play and come to meetings as we have them.

We’ll be focusing our attention on this need until we’ve been able to secure the finances needed as well as make all needed renovations and additions.

For more information on specific costs involved feel free to contact us, or visit our Donation page.

Breaking Ground / August 2007
Security Wall Going Up
Drilling For Water
Finding Water!
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