We’ve Increased By Five Acres…

We’ve Increased by Five Acres…

This past October we purchased an additional five acre plot of land less than a kilometer away from the care center. We purchased it solely for the purpose of growing the necessary food we need to feed the children God has put in our care. It is difficult to convey just how important this is to what we are doing. The food situation in Malawi is complicated and it always has been. Once in a while there’s a bumper crop and things seem to go okay for a while, but this is the exception. Most of the time there’s lack, hunger and desperation.

We’ve been doing this a long time and have come to understand the best way to have any real food security is to grow and harvest it ourselves. Unfortunately land and seed are only part of what is needed for success, the other is water.

We are convinced that in order to produce consistently like we need to, we’ll need to install a well and implement a solar powered drip irrigation system. It’s a bit of an investment up front but in the long run it will give us the ability to produce even through drought. We will also have the potential to harvest up to two crops per growing season verses one.

When we were working in Israel we met with various farmers and growers that were located in the middle of the desert. It was phenomenal to see what they were able to produce…all primarily due to drip irrigation.

We’re in the process of getting various quotes on materials and are currently putting the plans together now for the overall cost of the project.

For more information on specific costs involved feel free to contact us, or visit our Donation page.


Thousands of Meals Donated to our Orphan Care Center

An organization in the States has recently offered to donate approximately 270 thousand meals to our Orphan and Widow Care projects. This is a lot of food! It will take a forty foot shipping container to ship this amount of food to our ministry in Malawi.

Feed My Starving Children is a ministry that is dedicated to making highly nutritious vitamin and protein rich meals designed to be easily made by just adding boiling water. We have received and used this food in the past and it is an amazing provision. We have had doctors sent by the government of Malawi to assess the children in our care center and in the area surrounding our facility. They overwhelmingly reported that the children in our care center were much healthier and in much better overall health than that of the children in the surrounding district.

This food is a God send and we want to take full advantage of the opportunity. Our part is to pay the shipping from the United States to Malawi which is $12,000.00 dollars.

Time is of the essence. The food is needed now and it will take several months to arrive in Malawi once we have raised the money and have agreed to pay the shipping costs.

This is an awesome opportunity. Please consider assisting with this endeavor that we may utilize this generous offer that has been made.

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