Personal Property

Working together with the National Christian Foundation, Reaching Nations can receive and liquidate your appreciated tangible personal property valued at $100 or more. We handle the administrative burden by working to sell the asset for you and then use the proceeds for your favorite causes within our ministry. If the assets have appreciated in value since you purchased them, donating them will usually provide you with a greater tax deduction than if you sell them yourself and donate the proceeds.

Types of personal property that can be donated include:


  • Precious Metals and Coins – Artwork – Jewelry – Gems – Livestock – Crops – Timber – Business Inventory


  • Personal Service Contracts – Installment Obligations – Trademarks – Partnership Interests – Copyrights – Patents – Royalties

To begin the process of donating personal property, please use the form below. It is recommended to notify Reaching Nations of all donations initiated that we may follow up with the NCF. Our Name (Reaching Nations Fund) and Fund Number (1893199) should be on all documents sent.

Asset Donation Form

For more information please Contact Us, or Maureen Starr at, or call (678) 892-1868.

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